Why switch to Solar Power in Newark, NJ ?

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Newark, the largest city in New Jersey with a population over 280,000, is on the front lines of this solar revolution.

If you live in Newark, you have probably noticed more and more solar panels installed in homes and businesses throughout the city. This is because people are finally beginning to realize that investing in solar is a smart choice that will pay for itself and even make you money in the long run!

Recent environmental concerns about global warming and the emission of greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere from the burning of fossil fuels has made the United States rethink where their energy comes from.

It is quite clear that fossil fuels are on the way out and renewables are on the way in. Among these sources of renewable energy, solar is by far the most popular, cleanest, most reliable, and has the highest return on investment.

It is true that solar has changed the way the United States approaches energy.

Residents of Newark, New Jersey have an incredible opportunity to not only help our planet by reducing your carbon footprint, but to also save big money on your monthly energy bill by having solar panels installed on your property.



As a hard working American, you shouldn’t be wasting your precious money on dirty fossil fuel energy whose rates will continue to increase with no end in sight.

Contact our professional solar installers today to learn more about how making the switch to solar can save you over 50% on your monthly bill.

Tax Breaks and Rebate Programs for Solar Panels in Newark, NJ

Ready for some more good news? As a resident of Newark, there are many government tax incentives and rebate programs that are designed to help fund your solar panel installation.

The federal Solar Investment Tax Credit is a 30% tax credit for solar PV systems installed on residential and commercial properties.

Residents of Newark also qualify for New Jersey solar power Renewable Energy Incentive Program which will help covers the costs of your solar installation. 

Zero-down Solar Options in Newark, NJ

Ok, so you love the idea about switching to solar energy, but are still not ready to make the initial investment? Well don’t worry, because there are still many options out there for you too.

The Solar Power Purchase Agreement allows for someone else (solar company of your choice) to take responsibility of operating and maintaining a solar PV system on your property.

That’s right, all you have to do is sit back and see the savings pile up. It is that simple.

Residents of Newark can also apply for a Solar Lease, which allows you to choose a number of zero down payment plan that works for you, and install a system on your roof without having to pay any money upfront.

To understand better the concept of Solar Leasing as well as the PPA option, Please contact our trusted solar experts for more information and begin saving on your next monthly bill.

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Well, what are you waiting for? There is no better time than right now to make the switch to solar energy in Newark, and start seeing huge savings, take actions, and be a part of a cleaner, healthier future.

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