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With its many parks and beautiful beaches, Huntington Beach is one of the best places to live in southern California.

Home of the International Surfing Museum, the city is known for its excellent surfing and has even earned the title of “Surf City USA”.

Being in sunny southern California, many residents have already realized how they can profit from this abundant sunshine by installing solar panels in their homes and dramatically cutting the costs of their electricity bill.

Every day the sun is constantly giving of a steady supply of solar energy. Did you know this solar energy can be captured and turned into money in your pocket?

New innovative solar technologies are constantly being developed that make solar power more efficient and affordable than ever before.

Huntington Beach residents, all 197,000 of them (well, a little bit more but who's counting...) has many options for solar, and professional solar installers that can really help in making the switch to solar.

You work hard for your money, why continue to pay more of dirty fossil fuel energy that is only becoming more and more expensive? Switching to solar energy is your simple solution.

Question? connect with trusted local installer in Huntington Beach Today. A friendly installer will chat with you briefly, and will explain how much you stand to save.


Solar Power Tax Breaks and Rebates in Huntington Beach, CA

If you live in California, I’m sure you’ve seen how many new solar systems are becoming more and more popular.

Have you ever wondered how people can afford these systems? Well, there are many state and federal incentive options available for Huntington Beach residents to finance their solar installation.

In fact, California has more financial incentives for switching to solar than any other state. Go Solar California campaign was developed to offer additional savings for switching over to solar energy.


You have several Financing options in Huntington Beach CA

Solar panels installation in Huntington Beach will save you big Huntington Beach residents are eligible for several programs that will allow you to see the benefits of solar without spending a dime.

The Solar Power Purchase Agreement allows a third party to bear the responsibility of operating and maintaining a solar PV system on your property, while providing you with substantially lower energy rates.

You can also agree to a Solar Lease which allows you to choose a zero down payment plan rather than paying for the whole system at once.

Wish to know your exact savings? Our advise is to talk to our solar experts in Huntington Beach. once they'll have a bit more info about your home, they will craft a detailed quote for your syustem costs and savings. And it's 100% Free!


Solar panel installation in Huntington Beach is not complicated

At we make it as easy to connect you to professional solar installers throughout Huntington Beach.

We work with trusted, reliable, accredited local installer with track record, that get's the job now.

Here’s how simple it is:

1. Fill out our quick solar form.
2. Compare quotes from trusted solar installers.
3. Choose the installer that is right for you.
4. Start seeing savings immediately.

It’s that easy

If you live in Huntington Beach, the choice is clear, solar energy can save you money.

As every home, situation, shading, roofing etc is different we feel the best thing would be to let us help you find the best installer for you, so you could start seeing savings on your next bill.

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