Santa Clarita CA Solar Power: See Your Benefits!

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Solar power is quickly becoming the most popular form of energy production for the residents of Santa Clarita, the third largest city in Los Angeles County.

Every day more and more people throughout the city are beginning to see big savings from making the switch to solar. And it’s no mystery why.

Located in southern California, Santa Clarita sees plenty of sun.

So much sun that having solar panels installed on your property can save you over 50% on your electricity bill.

You work hard for your money. There’s no reason you should continue paying higher electricity bills for dirty fossil fuels, whose prices will only continue to rise. Not to mention the amount of harmful greenhouse gases that they put off, contributing to global warming.

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Santa Clarita Solar Power Tax Breaks and Rebates

You might be thinking “I want to switch to clean solar energy but I heard that it is way too expensive.” Well this is simply no longer the case.

New and improved technologies have made solar energy more efficient and affordable than ever before.

Combine that with the dozens of existing solar power tax incentives and rebates in California and you will see how you can get a large portion of your project paid for.

California understands the benefits to switching to solar and wants to help finance your project with incentives and rebate programs that will significantly lower the cost of instillation in Santa Clarita.

You can also find information on other state and federal solar incentives for California residents at the Database of State Incentivesfor Renewables and Efficiency.


Zero Down Solar options in Santa Clarita, CA

Solar panel installation in Santa Clarita, CA will save bigIf you still don’t think you’re ready to make the financial investment in solar, don’t worry,there are options for you as well.

Solar Power Purchase Agreement

The Solar Power Purchase Agreement allows for someone else to take responsibility of operating and maintaining a solar PV system on your property.

All you have to do is sit back and save. It is that simple.

Solar Lease

California also offers a Solar Lease option which allows you to choose a zero down payment plan that works for you.

Please contact our experts for more information and begin saving on your next monthly bill.


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It’s that simple.

When you really take the time to think about it, it quickly becomes clear that solar energy is the right choice.

Talk to a trusted local installer today, and learn how solar help you can save big on your next energy bill, and also reduce your carbon footprint.

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