Privacy Policy

One of our main priorities at is the privacy of our users. The scope of this privacy policy describes:

1. Collection of personal information at

2. Use and disclosure of said information by us

3. Terms of use that are specific to

By the use of, users consent to (a) collection of their personal information, (b) use of their personal information, and (c) terms of use that are specific to, all according to this policy.


The following summary describes the fundamental aspects of our privacy commitment. That is, how your information will be collected, used and protected, as well as who will have access to it. However, we suggest you read the entire document for a detailed description of our policy.

· obtains information directly from the user whenever a service is requested, as well as from third-parties. Service requests include solar consulting and quoting.

· In order to meet your requirements, your personal information may be sold to third parties including, but not limited to, solar power system providers and energy efficiency consultants. These third parties may then contact you directly regarding their products and services, or use the provided information for their commercial purposes.

· Your information may also be sold or disposed of for business transactions such as asset liquidation, mergers & acquisitions, debt refinancing, etc.

·, and associated third parties, may also use personal information for direct contact by e-mail or telephone, regarding opportunities such as news, events, offers and programs that we consider can be of your interest.

· You can opt out of receiving communications and having your information sold.

· Use of, and any recommendations received through the site, is at your own risk.


In this document, “personal information” refers to any information that allows the identification of an individual. It includes, but is not limited to, the following data:

· Name

· Physical address

· Phone number

· E-mail address

· Date of birth

· Geographic location

· Professional activities

· Activity on

· Data related with home ownership and energy use, as well as electric service provider

The category of personal information doesn’t include information that isn’t personally identifiable, such as aggregate information. Aggregate information refers to information gathered about groups or categories of services, products, and customers, from which personal information is removed. may use non-personally identifiable information, including aggregate information, for several purposes.


Passive Information

Whenever a user visits, there is information that is gathered automatically, such as IP address, browser, type of device, the content viewed on our website, URL address from which was referred, time spent on the page and last page visited on Geographic location is obtained from your IP address, and information about the type of device you’re using is obtained from the type of browser.

The information gathering process is carried out passively through technologies such as standard server logs, web beacons and cookies. Passively-gathered information is then used for website administration, operation, enhancement and customization of our content and services. Any passively-gathered information that can be considered personal information is treated as such according to our privacy policy. If it isn’t the case, this information is considered non-personally identifiable.

It is important to note that third parties may also set cookies or other passive data-gathering means on your system to monitor your use of their services. Access and control of these third-party means of data collection is outside the reach of

Personal Information Collected may also gather your personal information, in particular the information provided by various means on the website. Whenever communication is carried out to request any of the services available through, the personal information provided is collected. The collected personal information may include name, e-mail address, city, country, demographics, interests, etc. An html version of the page where the request was placed may also be saved and stored for compliance.

For instance, solar energy consultation and quote requests require the user to submit:

· Name

· E-mail address

· Phone number

· Physical address

· Geographic location

· Residential and energy consumption information


Google Analytics for Display Advertising

General. The following features from Google Analytics for Display Advertising have been implemented at

· DoubleClick Campaign Manager Integration

· Remarketing

· Google Analytics Demographics and Interest Reporting

It is important to mention that when using Google Analytics, we adhere to the following procedure:

· We do not merge personal information collected in accordance to this policy with non-personal information collected to Google Analytics for Display Advertising.

· We use non-personal information collected from Google Analytics to analyze user interests at a non-personal level, as well as for remarketing.

· We do not send this non-personal information to third parties.

· The Google cookie is left intact, with no modifications.

Please note that some of our third-party providers may place their own cookies on your system, but we don’t share our Google Analytics for Display Advertising data with them.

Remarketing. The Remarketing with Google Analytics feature is used for online advertising of our services to users with specific interests. For this reason, third parties such as Google may show ads across various websites.

Both and third-party vendors use first-party cookies (e.g. Google Analytics) and third-party cookies (e.g. Double Click) to display information and ads to you based on optimized information from previous site visits.

Google Display Network Impression Reporting & DoubleClick Campaign Manager. A combination of first-party and third-party cookies are used by and associated third-party vendors to analyze and report the relation between your visits to the site and:

· Ad impressions

· Other ad service uses

· Interaction with ad impressions and ad services

Google Analytics Demographics and Interest Reporting. Non-personal information obtained from Google Analytics Demographics and Interest Reporting is used to learn about user interests at the general level and adjust our remarketing effort accordingly.

Google Adsense. Several third-party vendors such as Google use cookies to display ads based on previous visits to The use of the DoubleClick cookie allows Google and its partners to display ads to you based both on visits to and visits to other related websites. Through Google Ads Settings, it is possible for users to opt out of DoubleClick for advertising based on interests.

Opting Out. If you wish, you can opt out of Google Analytics for Display Advertising and customize how Google Display Network ads are displayed to you. This can be accomplished with the add-on tool provided by Google, which you can download and install from the following link:

Information Collected from Other Sources may receive information about you, including personal information, from third parties such as data providers. Therefore, may combine information from external sources with the information we collect and keep. This privacy policy applies for any combined information that can be considered personal information.

DNT Signals doesn’t react to DNT (do not track) signals from your web browser.


It is possible that you may have listed your telephone or wireless/mobile phone number on a state or federal “do not call” registry. When you request solar consultation and quoting services at and submit your personal information, you agree that the act constitutes express written consent to be contacted by and associated third parties to which your personal information may be shared.

Regardless of whether your phone number provided to us may be listed on any “do not call” list by the Federal Trade Commission or the state level, submitting your personal information authorizes us, and our associated third parties to whom your information can be shared, to contact you at the submitted telephone or wireless/mobile phone number. This is in accordance with the Amended Telemarketing Sales Rule, 16 CFR §310 et seq., any applicable Federal Communications Commission’s rules and regulations and any applicable state telemarketing rules and regulations.

It is important to note that should you be contacted and request that we no longer contact you via telephone, your name will be listed on a separate “do not call” list maintained by We will honor your request within a reasonable time from the request day, not exceeding thirty days. You will no longer be contacted via telephone once your name is placed on the “do not call” list, unless you submit another request for our consulting/quoting services or inquiry at a subsequent date. Keep in mind we may still contact you via e-mail or direct mail through the addresses placed in your submission, or collected from third parties, all in accordance with the terms of this policy.

Opt-out from other communications from is allowed, and the procedure is described in the corresponding section.

It is important to note that your “do not call” request only applies to calls by or other entities on our behalf. You may still receive calls from third parties to whom your personal information has been shared, and you will need to proceed with separate requests not to call directly toward such third parties individually.


Selling Personal Information is a lead generation company and, as such, our core business is selling personal information about our user base to third parties including, but not limited to, solar energy providers and energy efficiency consultants. When requesting solar consulting or quoting services at, you are also requesting that renewable energy providers and consultants contact you. In order to meet your request, may sell, disclose or dispose of your information to renewable energy providers and other third parties not affiliated with us.

Third parties, to whom your personal information is provided, may:

1. Use your personal information for their own purposes, including commercial

2. Contact you about their goods and services

3. Disclose or dispose of your personal information to other third parties for their own purposes

You may opt-out of disclosure. The procedure is described in the “opt out” section.

It is important to note that third parties to whom your personal information is provided may have their own privacy policies to use and disclose such information. Once your information has been provided to third parties in accordance to our Privacy Policy, their respective policies will regulate use and disclosure of your personal information. Please visit the respective websites of third parties to learn more about their privacy policy.

Using Personal Information to Contact You Regarding Products, Services and Other may use personal information to contact you through telephone, e-mail and direct mail regarding events, news, promotions and other opportunities from us or selected third parties that may be of your interest.

You may opt-out of receiving marketing communications. The procedure is described in the “opt out” section.

Furthermore, your personal information may be shared with marketing partners or third parties to provide you selected opportunities, promotions, events or news through telephone, e-mail and direct mail. It is possible that companies with whom you have no relationship will contact you, and will not be held responsible for any of their content. If you wish to opt-out of their marketing communications, you will be required to do so separately.

Information Disclosure as Part of Mergers, Sales or other Financing Operations

User information, including personal information, may be disclosed or sold as part of transactions such as:

· Mergers & acquisitions

· Debt financing

· Company asset liquidation

· Insolvency, bankruptcy or receivership where personal information could be transferred or sold as a business asset.

· Any transaction similar to the above

Using Information for the Enhancement and Operation of

Personal information may be used by to:

· Provide requested services or information

· Enhancement, operation and maintenance of the website and associated programs and services

· Prevent fraudulent use of the website and its services

· Customize user experience

· Record our dealings with users, and for other administrative purposes

Personal information may also be disclosed to third parties that assist in our operation, such as payment processing and data storage companies. The personal information provided to such third parties is limited to what is necessary for them to carry out their processes.

Legally Required Information Disclosure may also disclose personal information if:

· We believe doing so is legally required

· It is in our interest to protect our property and rights. This includes, but is not limited to, enforcing our agreements.

· It is to protect the rights or property of others.

Information Use with Affiliate Companies and Subsidiaries

At the moment, is not held by any company nor does it have subsidiaries, venture partners, or companies under common control. However, this may change in the future and some or all of your personal information may be shared with affiliates. If this is the case, such affiliates will be required to honor this privacy policy.

Information Use to Aggregate Statistics may disclose aggregate statistics as:

· A means of measuring interest in and use of the website

· E-mails to third parties containing aggregate data such a patterns or demographics that don’t identify any individuals, directly or indirectly.


Unsubscribing from Communications

Since the core business at is selling personal information to third parties, we are required to:

1. Give users with the right to carry out a free of cost opt-out from having their information shared or sold.

2. Upon request, were are required to:
       a. Provide the user with a list of all third parties with whom personal information has been shared for marketing or commercial purposes
       b. Provide the user with the categories of shared information

Users of may opt-out of having their information shared or sold to third parties and request the list mentioned in part (2b) of the above description by e-mailing the address provided at the end of this document. It is important to note that the list is free but is only required to answer one request yearly.

If commercial e-mail from is received, it is possible to unsubscribe at any moment by following the instructions in the email itself. Opt-out from receiving commercial e-mail from is also possible by e-mailing the address at the end of this document.

Finally, if you wish to opt-out from receiving direct mail notifications regarding products, services and promotions we believe may be of your interest, you can send us an e-mail to the provided address at the end of the document.

Unsubscribing from Third Party Communications

Third parties with whom shares personal information may have their own privacy policy which describes their respective use and disclosure of such information. Once personal information has been shared by in accordance with this privacy policy, the respective policies of third parties will govern information use.  Please visit the websites of the respective third parties to learn more.

It is important to note that our unsubscribe process only applies for the future delivery of information directly by us or on our behalf. You may still receive e-mail on behalf of third parties and your personal information may still be shared for offline marketing and data appends, unless you carry out the unsubscribe process previously described.

It is also important to note that unsubscribing from e-mail will not unsubscribe you from third party associates or data licensees. Given that third parties maintain separate databases, an individual unsubscribe process will be required for each. This way you can choose which subscriptions to keep and which subscriptions to end.


Part of our policy is that website visitors under the age of13 should not post or provide information on without parent or guardian consent. The Child Online Privacy and Protection Act (COPPA) regulates the online gathering of information from persons under age 13.

It is part of our policy and in our best interest to refrain from knowingly gathering or keeping personal information about any person under the age of 13. If you are under 13 years old, please refrain from supplying personal information through the site. If you have already done so, please instruct your parent or guardian to contact us through the provided e-mail, in order to delete such information from our database.

CLICKING ON LINKS TO OTHER WEBSITES may contain links to other websites, products or services that aren’t owned or operated by us. Should you choose to visit those websites or use third-party products and services, keep in mind that this privacy policy will no longer apply to any information disclosed during such interactions.

INTERNATIONAL WEBSITE VISITOORS is hosted in the USA and targeted for the local market. If you are visiting the website from a region of the world where laws governing data collection are different from US law, be aware that your personal information is being transferred to the USA. Given that data protection laws may differ among countries, you consent to the transfer or your information and use in accordance with this privacy policy.

SECURITY is equipped with reasonable security measures that are intended for the protection of your information against loss, misuse, unauthorized access & disclosure, alteration or deletion. It is important to note, however, that data security measures can’t be guaranteed to provide 100% effectiveness. For this reason, we cannot provide warranty for the security of information. Personal information is transferred to at the user’s risk.


Open the following link for a copy of the Terms of Use. The Terms of Use may include further provisions regarding:

· Use of and site restrictions

· Third party content

· Information and warranty disclaimers

· Limitations of liability

It is important to note that the Terms of Use are incorporated into the Privacy Policy and, by agreeing to this policy you also agree to the Terms of Use.


This policy may be occasionally reviewed and updated. When this is done, the last updated date at the end of the policy will also be updated. For continued use of, the policy that is currently in effect at a given date will regulate information use. Please review this document on a periodic basis to stay informed on our latest policy regarding procedures for information collection, use and disclosure.


For any questions, observations or comments regarding this privacy policy, you can e-mail us at our contact us form.

Privacy Policy was last updated on September 10, 2015.

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