Installing a Solar Panel System in Irvine, CA is Smart!

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Irvine, one of the best-planned cities of California, is a perfect place to transform sunshine into energy.

The city receives plenty of sunshine for more than 280 days per year and has Mediterranean climate.

From April till November, the city experiences warm-to-hot summers and as a result requires the residents to pay high air-conditioning costs.

Consequently, a vast majority of households in Irvine are turning to solar energy to reduce their energy bills in an affordable yet effective way.

California has an extensive history of supporting solar energy through its solar incentives and financing programs, and the residents of Irvine are using these programs to save thousands on their utility bills every month. Going solar in Irvine, CA, offers amazing benefits.

The process of installing a solar panel system is incredibly simple and it allows you to start saving immediately on your utility bills.

You can switch your home over to clean solar energy almost immediately with a zero down payment.

To know how much your solar panel system will cost and what economic benefits does it offer, you should consult a solar power expert. Fill out our online contact form to get detailed information about your costs and savings.


Solar Power in Irvine, CA: What’s the deal?

Search Google for ‘going solar in Irvine’ and you are sure to get more than a million results.

What’s the reason behind increasing interest of people in solar energy? Let’s have a look at some of them.

Rising energy costs

Energy costs continue to rise and are expected to be doubled in the next five years. This has caused people to look for alternate, renewable energy sources like solar panels.

Solar Power for homeowners in Irvine CA is a great idea

Affordable solar energy

The long-term cost of generating solar energy is significantly low as compared to traditional power, and with several financing options available, the installation cost is no more a concern for the residents of Irvine.

Uncountable benefits 

From reduced energy bills and increased property value to reduced carbon footprint, the benefits of investing in a solar panel system are uncountable.

Question?. Talk to our experts today to find the best solar power solution for your home.


Irvine Solar Financing – Going Solar for Zero Down

It is common to see people ask the cost of going solar.

It is actually an investment that pays you back in the long run, and with the local and federal government offering numerous incentives and rebates, the upfront cost has become almost negligible.

If you’re a resident of Irvine, CA, you can benefit from the following solar financing options:

Solar Leases

A solar lease allows you to enjoy the benefits of going solar with little or no down payment.

A solar installation company installs solar panel system and provides you clean energy against affordable monthly lease payments.

Purchase Power Agreement

PPA is a secure and affordable way for going solar. Under this agreement, a third-party owns, installs, and maintains solar panel system on your property and offers you solar energy at cheap rates.


How to find the Best Solar Panel Installer in Irvine, CA?

Find Solar Panel installation companies in Irvine CA

Now that you have decided to take advantage of solar panel systems, you should find a reliable solar panel installer in Irvine, CA.

Unsure about how this works? Let us find you the best solar panel company for you in the region.  

The process is simple and quick:

1. Visit our website, fill our online contact form,

2. Receive solar quotes offers from trusted solar installers in Irvine.

3. Decide and Install. Within a couple of days, you should be up and running.

4. Enjoy your savings.

If you wish to know more about installing in a solar panel system in Irvine, CA, click here.

Go solar for a greener, energy-efficient world.

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