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Solar Panels Industry Review and the Future

Solar panels are used to generate electricity using solar energy. Now, you must be thinking what is solar energy? Solar means sun and the energy generated by the sun is called solar energy. The mechanism of solar panel is very simple. The panel has photovoltaic cells, which emits current when direct sunlight falls on it. This current is then stored into the battery and then converted into AC by the inverter before being used.

If you are planning to install a solar panel then a few questions might come across in your mind like where can I buy it, what type of panel will be perfect for my usage, how do I install it etc. Fortunately, the above questions can be dealt easily because you will find many stores in the market that specialize in manufacturing panels. They also have experts who will help you select the right one and then install it so that the process is easier for you. But, how will you know that the shop or company from where you have bought the panel sells quality product?

Online panel review is the best way of deciding where and what to buy. Most of the people love sharing their good or bad experience about using a product. Thus, you can visit personal websites of different companies dealing in solar panel and read what they have to tell about the product. You might come across 100’s of business dealing with the same kind of product and visiting them one by one can be time consuming. You can select the reputed ones and then collect information about them.

You might get a mixed response about the solar panels in the reviews so the other two places where you can find solar panel review are:

1. The buyers guide is the best place where you can know about the panel. Here you will find all the required specification which includes efficiency, cost, warranty period, output power and the watt that the panel can emit etc. When you read the specification of different companies you will easily be able to compare and take decision.

2. You can also visit websites and see how it is rated by the users

The Power Solar System Know How

Solar power can be used in homes for several purposes and it also helps in saving money. The conversion of solar energy and then changing into power needs installation of a device called panel and it is the only expense that you need to make when planning to shift from regular commercial electricity to solar power.

If you are planning to install solar panel system then here are a few things that you will need.

1. Panel- This is the primary and the most important component of the system. This is where rays of the sun get converted into electricity. The panel has small cells which starts working when sun energy falls on it. The price of the panel depends on the energy it emits.

2. Mounting Equipment: You need to mount the panel in area where it receives maximum sunlight. You need a mounting board, drill machine, screws etc.

3. Battery- This is connected to the panel and this is where the DC (direct current) produced by the panel is conserved. The energy saved here can be used anytime later. Batteries come in a variety of type. You can buy one with long lives or that requires less maintenance.

4. Inverter- Most of the appliances in the homes work on AC also known as alternating current. The inverter works as a converter. It pulls the DC from the battery, converts it into AC which is used to light homes and run electronics.

5. Tracking Mount- The direction of the sun keeps changing along the day. The tracking mount when used helps the panel to move constantly with the movement of the sun. This helps the panel face direct sunlight throughout the day.

6. Switches, meter and wires- Switches are important for safety reasons. They also help in controlled usage. When you have a switch attached you can switch on and off as and when needed. Wires are used to connect different appliances in the house to the meter. Meter is where the alternating current from the inverter is transferred and is distributed to different connections. You can also install a fuse box. This box will alert you when there is excess flow of current and also prevent accidents.

More Homemade Solar Panels Important Info

Today solar panel in the rooftop of homes is a common site because there is awareness in people and they have started realizing that they can save money when they use solar energy. They also understand that use of solar energy will help them cope up with the increasing power cost. Secondly the commercially supplied electricity is generated using oil and coal. These two natural sources are slowly vanishing and a time will come when we will have to either face major shortfall or survive without it. Electricity supplied commercially emits carbon which contributes to global warming. Solar power is clean and using it means you are not just saving money but also protecting mother earth from pollution.

To convert sunrays into power you need to have a solar panel installed on your rooftop. Construction and installation of solar panel will incur some money but later its usage is absolutely free. You can save money by using solar panels homemade. You can also learn how to make your own solar panel and install it.

Homemade solar panels are of many types. You can install one that stores the energy in the battery for later use. You can also make solar panels homemade and install one that just collects the energy from the sun and stores it for heating water. The panels used for heating water do not need photovoltaic cells and thus this was the one which was invented first. Later researchers made changes and tried out different things before they finally invented panel for converting sun energy into electricity.

Any kinds of homemade panel you wish to install you need to find a place where it receives direct sunlight. You need to mount them on the rooftop in order to work effectively. The panel heats water just has a copper tube. The mechanism of water heating panel is simple because just the cold water is passed through the tube and during the process it gets heated. The panel used to generate electricity has small electronic device known as photovoltaic cells. Hundred of such cells are installed in a panel so that each one of them produces current when sunlight hits it.

There are great Solar Power Kits for Residential Usage

Residential solar power kits cannot be used for big industrial devices because they are especially designed for home use and to run small electronic appliances. These kits not just reduce your dependency on the commercially supplied current but also help in reducing your budget. Secondly, the commercially supplied current is generated from oil and fuel thus whenever the world faces shortage and is in darkness you will have light in your house because you have installed the solar power system. By using solar current you will also be able to contribute in reducing pollution which has become a threat and reason for several health disorders.

Installing a residential solar power kit does not need any technical knowledge. The kit usually comes with a manual with step by step instruction. You can purchase the kit from the store, buy all the mounting accessories, wires, switches etc and then follow the manual. You can also contact an electrician to do the task for you. If hearing all these you have a feeling that all these will cost you dollars then do not worry. Initial installation might cost you a little bit but later everything is free and you will be saving much more than whatever invested.

The residential solar power kits come in a variety of types. The starter kit just works like a generator providing backup for your home lights. You can easily install them by connecting the panel to the battery. The solar heating kit comes with an array of specification and they are used as an alternative for regular traditional electricity connection. The solar refrigerator kits are used for running home fridge and freezer in absence of electricity or to save money. The panel in the kits has enough number of cells which can generate required watt of power to run the fridge smoothly. If you wish to just use solar energy for lighting your house then buy lighting kit from the market. You need to follow the instruction and connect the light source to the inverter and use it when needed. The lighting kit comes in a range of types and you can buy depending on how many light sources would you like the kit to be connected with.

The Installation of Solar Panels is not a complicated process

Sunlight emits renewable energy. You can conserve and change the energy into electricity or heat water. The energy converted into electricity can be stored in batteries for later use. There are many benefits of using solar power. When you use solar energy you are not dependent on the commercially supplied power. Moreover the commercially generated electricity is converted from the energy generated from burning fossil fuels and oil. This is the reason why they emit carbon. You can reduce the amount of pollution in your home and atmosphere by using solar energy.

To convert sunrays into power you need solar panel which comes in a variety of types. You need to mount it and here are some tips for installation of panel solar.

1. You can make your own solar panel at home or buy it from a store like Amazon. The best trick of buying a best quality panel at cheap price is to take quote from different stores and compare the prices. You must also make sure that the company is well recognized and have been successful in the business.

2. Then you need a place on the rooftop to install it. When you select the place make sure that the area receives direct sunlight for the whole day. The more the sunlight the panel receives the better it will work.

3. The panel box comes with a manual. You can read the steps of installation and mount it on your own or take help from an expert. If you wish to save money then try to do it yourself because the manuals usually come with clear steps.

4. You need a mount to install the panel. Mounts come in a large variety and you can buy one depending on the area you are planning to install it. For example if you wish to fix the panel on the flat surface of the rooftop then you need to buy the roof-ground mount.

5. You also need a driller for mounting. Read the manual and be ready with everything that you will need to install it and then just follow the steps.

Here is a great video detailing how to install small starter solar panel kit, and start saving money with solar energy:

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