Why Install Solar Power in Stockton CA ?

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As residents of Stockton CA, you are presented with a great opportunity of making your lives easier by going with green energy options of using solar power.

With an estimated population of 302,389, the city of Stockton occupies an area of 168 km (64.8 square miles) and is located amid the farmland of San Joaquin Valley in California.

Residing in Stockton, you dwell in a city with a Mediterranean climate consisting of dry and hot summers, mild winters, and an average of 184 sunny days per year.

This makes you the perfect candidate for solar panels, in fact, in Stockton; solar rooftops are becoming an increasingly popular trend.

The benefit you will get with the installations of solar power in California, and specifically in Stockton is that in the long run, they can save you thousands of dollars of electricity bill payments as you are now producing your own power. and that's big.

Also, the installation can lead to a great increase in the property value for all who utilize the PV system.

We know it can be confusing sometimes, but worry not, we're here to help!

To find out more about solar power in Stockton, CA, Chat with the professionals we work with to get an abundance of information on the savings, incentives, and costs of PV installation in Stockton, CA.

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Solar power in Stockton, CA: What’s the Deal?

California’s history is rich with the support of solar power and it leads with the amount of houses that have installed solar panels, with a total of more than 230,000.

In Stockton, residents are realizing the importance and worth of solar power installations. You need to familiarize yourself with the fact that solar panel systems are energy efficient options that can not only save money, but also provide energy, security, and reliability.

It is also a step towards slowing down the process of global warming.

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Stockton Financing Options and Going Solar for Zero Down

solar lease and solar PPA are offered in the state of CaliforniaThere are several companies who are offering zero down payments for solar PV system, and you can choose a payment plan where you can pay off the money on a per month basis at exceptionally low rates.

For residents who wish to get financing options and switch to solar with zero down payment, there are several options like solar lease and solar PPA which are offered in the state of California.

Option 1 is leasing. Purchasing a solar panel system with lease is beneficial because you will have to pay on a per month basis rather than paying the whole amount in one go as a down payment.

With solar leasing options, savings continue to grow on a yearly basis and affordable and low energy rates can be secured.

The 2nd option is Solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) and is similar to solar lease but in PPA, instead of paying on a per month basis, you have to pay per kWh.

Plus, with the solar PPA option, the system can be purchased at any time after the fifth year.

PPA is a financial agreement with a third party who operates, maintains, and owns the PV system. This way you can purchase the generated energy without having to own it.

Due to this, you do not need to pay any excessive costs of installation or maintenance. 


How to find the Best Solar Panel Installation Company in Stockton CA

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