All you need to know about Solar Power in Berkeley, CA!

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If you live in Berkeley, California, then you are probably already aware of how popular solar energy is becoming throughout the city.

Every day, more and more solar PV systems are being installed in homes and businesses in Berkeley. Making the switch to solar energy is truly a win-win situation.

The environment wins because you will drastically reduce the amount of greenhouse gases being emitted into the atmosphere from the burning of fossil fuels, and you win by saving on your monthly energy bill!

That’s right, having a solar PV system installed in your home or business can reduce your monthly energy bill by over 50%!

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Here is a great video of a cool small solar powered home, built by high school kids in Berkely CA:


The average household in California uses about 7,000 kilowatt hours of energy per year.

This energy is largely produced by dirty fossil fuels such as coal and oil which put off harmful greenhouse gases that directly contribute to global warming. By utilizing the sun’s natural energy, you can effectively cut your carbon footprint in half.

New solar PhotoVoltaic technologies have been developed that make solar power more efficient and affordable than ever before.


Solar Power Financial Incentives in Berkeley, CA

Did you know that the California offers more financial incentive programs for making the switch to solar energy than any other state? That’s right. California understands the importance of solar energy and want to help you get your project started.

Programs such as the California Solar Initiative and the New Solar Homes Partnership were developed to help Californians finance their solar energy project.

The federal Investment Tax Credit which could save you an additional 30% tax credit for a solar system installation.

If that’s not enough, the City of Berkeley has its very own solar energy program to help assist in making the switch to solar.

With all these wonderful programs available, you are sure to find the necessary assistance to get your solar project started.

Other Solar Energy Financing Options

Solar installers in Berkeley CA can help you finance your panels Maybe you are interested in producing clean solar energy but are not ready to make the initial investment, despite all the government incentives.

Well listen up, because there are financing options out there for you too.

Solar Power Purchase Agreement

As a resident of Berkeley, CA you may be eligible for the Solar Power Purchase Agreement, in which you would allow a third party to take responsibility of operating and maintaining a solar PV system on your property.

In return, you will be paying a much lower monthly energy bill. That’s right, you pay nothing and still get the benefits from solar energy.

Solar Lease

You can also work out a zero down payment plan by agreeing to a Solar Lease.

By choosing a zero-down solar lease, you get to choose a payment plan that suites your financial situation, rather than paying for the whole system at once.

For more questions, contact our experts and learn about all the options out there to help you begin saving on your next monthly bill.


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