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Save money with solar panels

Save with solar

There are many reasons why going solar is a great idea, and saving money is one of the biggest. Get more info on how much people save, and how you can join them.

Get solar with 0 down

Get solar with 0 down

There are several ways you can go solar and finance your system. Find out if Leasing or PPA with $0 down payment is right for you.

Your home value increases with solar panels

My home value with solar

Installing the PV system increases the value of most homes, beyond the price you spent on the panels, another huge plus for many homeowners.

Testimonials of Happy Homeowners who made the switch

Testimonials John M. Sokolof - NY

John M. Sokolof - NY

This is one of the best decisions I've made in my life. I talked to the installers, got the best deal possible and never have I looked back! I'm saving money each month

Testimonials Maria D. Abraacham - LA

Maria D. Abraacham - LA

The process was super easy, I received a detailed solar quote and knew accordingly the exact costs and how much I was going to save. My electricity bill is eliminated!

Testimonials Nick D. Verron - SE

Nick D. Verron - SE

Solar power is awesome. I recommend all homeowners talk to solar installers. I was able to install an affordable system with zero down and still save each month!

Residential solar energy in the U.S has doubled in 2014 from the previous year, which is quite amazing. But why so many people have turned to solar for their electricity use?

Solar can significantly Cut your electricity bill The clear answer to that is simply to save money. And plenty of it. Solar save you money each and every month on your utility bill. The typical PV solar panels for homes system can save you up to $20,000 over the course of 20 years in many US states, and that's no small change. States policies, and the fact that solar power cost has reduced significantly in recent years have both contributed greatly to the savings.

To help boost the solar usage and installation, many states outlined green policies, which are comprised of incentives and tax breaks to help homeowners and encourage them to make the switch. California solar power installations increased significantly due to these incentives in recent years, and many other states in the US are not far behind. The top solar states realized how important it is to help their residents go solar, which means that you can, for instance, have your solar panel installer install a solar power system on your roof with zero down, which is a huge help for many homeowners who choose this route.

That also means that you can actually make money with your solar power system in a scheme called Net Metering, where any excess power your system produces will go back into the grid, which you're paid for.

Switching to solar power also has a huge effect on the environment. The opportunity to enjoy clean energy for homeowners to power their homes is great motivation for anyone who cares for the environment and the future.

Furthermore, the solar sector in the U.S contributes greatly to the job market, and hundreds of thousands of people find jobs in this booming sector with more demand than has ever been seen before for roof top solar home systems. Thousands of solar installers are now working nationwide to fill the demand for installation.

We strive to answer all of your questions, and provide added info for you to make the best decision about your solar needs. If you decided you wish to make the switch to clean and cheaper energy, we can connect you with qualified solar installer near you. You can get a FREE, no obligation quotes, and see exactly how much it will cost you, and how much you can save. That's what we do.